What to Do If Your Partner Relapses: A Guide from Capistrano Beach Recovery

Understanding the Reality of Relapse

Recognizing the Signs of Relapse

Stay Calm and Communicate

Revisit the Recovery Plan

Encourage Professional Help

Self-Care for Both of You

Understanding Relapse as Part of Recovery

United on the Path to Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Approach the situation gently and communicate openly. Create a safe space for your partner to share their feelings.

No, relapse is a setback, not a failure. Recovery involves ups and downs; encouraging seeking help to get back on track.

Help them return to their recovery plan, routines, and support networks. Encourage professional assistance like therapy or dual diagnosis treatment.

Prioritize self-care through activities you enjoy. Seek guidance from therapists or support groups to manage your emotions.

Dual diagnosis centers specialize in substance use and mental health treatment. They provide tools to identify triggers and develop coping strategies for sustained recovery.

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