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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of withdrawal management can vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of substance used, the length of use, and individual physiology. In general, it typically lasts from a few days to a couple of weeks.

The severity of withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person and is influenced by several factors. Our medical team is experienced in managing these symptoms and will work to minimize their impact on your comfort.

No, withdrawal management is the first crucial step in the recovery process, but it is not a standalone solution. It must be followed by comprehensive addiction treatment to address the underlying causes of addiction and provide tools for long-term sobriety.

Detoxing at home without professional supervision is not advisable, as it can be dangerous and ineffective. Our center offers a safe and supportive environment for detox, ensuring your well-being throughout the process.

We offer a complimentary consultation to assess your specific needs and circumstances. Our dedicated team will work with you to determine the most suitable treatment plan and answer any questions you may have. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about our individualized programs.

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