National Alcohol Awareness Month this April

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Frequently Asked Questions

Capistrano Beach Recovery provides a comprehensive range of addiction treatment services, including detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient programs, individual and group therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, and aftercare support.

Signs of alcohol addiction may include increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, preoccupation with drinking, unsuccessful attempts to cut down or control alcohol use, neglect of responsibilities, and continued drinking despite negative consequences. If you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, reach out to us for a confidential assessment.

Capistrano Beach Recovery works with many insurance providers to help individuals access the treatment they need. Our admissions team can assist you in verifying your insurance coverage and exploring available payment options.

At Capistrano Beach Recovery, we prioritize personalized care, evidence-based treatment modalities, experienced staff, comfortable accommodations, and a supportive, nurturing environment conducive to healing and growth. We tailor our programs to meet the unique needs of each individual, fostering lasting recovery and holistic well-being.

Supporting a loved one with alcohol addiction requires patience, empathy, and understanding. Encourage them to seek professional help, offer non-judgmental support, educate them about addiction, and explore resources and treatment options together. Additionally, consider attending family therapy sessions to address the impact of addiction on your relationships and collective well-being.

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