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Yes, you are welcome to attend open AA meetings even if you are not personally struggling with alcohol addiction. Open meetings are designed to be inclusive and provide information and support to anyone interested in the program.

Closed AA meetings are exclusively for individuals who have a sincere desire to stop drinking. Participants at closed meetings share their personal experiences, challenges, and successes in a confidential and understanding environment.

AA meetings are spiritual rather than religious. While the program encourages a belief in a higher power of your understanding, it does not endorse any specific religious affiliation. The focus is on personal growth and recovery.

No, there is no obligation to speak at an AA meeting. Participation is entirely voluntary, and you are free to simply listen and learn if that is your preference. Many people find comfort in listening and relate to the experiences of others.

The frequency of attending AA meetings can vary from person to person. Many individuals find it helpful to attend meetings regularly, especially in the early stages of recovery. Your sponsor or counselor can help you determine an appropriate meeting schedule that aligns with your goals and needs.

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